Beautiful Saturday!

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I love spring so much. Today is Somerville Open Studios and I’m meeting a friend to check out another friend’s galleries. It’s in the 50s today and is just so sunny and beautiful outside that I can’t even imagine it. This morning I took a big stack of books back to the library and breathed in some fresh, spring air, and little flower petals were everywhere and I felt like I was in a movie. Spring used to be one of those seasons that I always would ignore, but it’s becoming my favorite season!

Found a friend!


Today I’m wearing a very simple outfit for a very simple and good day (sorry about my messy bedroom!).

Outfit picture!

Shoes: Sparkly ballet flats, Target
Rolled navy blue skinny jeans: Thrifted
White and gray striped tank top: Thrifted
Black cardigan: Thrifted

And finally here’s a bonus blurry picture of my shallow bay window in my living room right now. I love my yellow smoking chairs – bought them off Craigslist from a VERY nice man who offered to drive me and them home, and also invited me to a party he was having. I declined, and instead took them on the subway (yes, I sat in them until I reached my stop). They’re so cheery!

Living room on a sunny spring day

Saturday Adventure

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Today is raining and chilly but a few weekends ago I had a very small adventure …

Saturday morning :)

Saturday outfit!


Tea Shop


Alas, today’s adventures do not include biking to the library, hardware store, and tea shop. Instead, they involve driving to get cat litter and grocery shopping and getting my water heater fixed now that we’re not on lockdown thanks to the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBERS (dun dun dunnnn). (also, you have no idea how badly I want to get my water heater fixed …)

Have an awesome Saturday!