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This print for the bathroom maybe?


I love this little guy. Perfect combination of cute and weird, and the colors are perfect. Should I get it?

Has it seriously been over six months?

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I am a bad blogger. I can’t believe it’s been so long. I guess after the ridiculous winter I just didn’t feel like blogging much, and I haven’t been DOING much anyway. Working, sitting around, watching Warehouse 13, catching up on reading, etc. Now the winter is over and it’s 80 out and things are slowly getting back to normal. I’ve been trying not to really work on my house much what, you know, having a roommate and all. But! Get this – she is at a wedding this weekend, which means it’s the perfect time to, you know, renovate my bathroom.

I’ve gone back and forth on this. My bathroom makes me full of despair. It’s dark, it’s dingy, it’s beige. Whoever did it tiled it in beige marbled tile, then painted the walls MATTE beige. It’s a bathroom. Painting a wall with matte paint is a rookie move.

bathroom bathroom2

So here’s the plan. My budget for this is $400. I’m not ripping out any tile because I only have one bathroom and I can’t total it while I futz around trying to figure out how to replaster a room. That is just not happening. So I have to work with the beige in a way that matches my aesthetics.


1. Simple Ikea hook for the back of the door. Right now I have two towel bars on the only free wall in the entire bathroom, which is set back slightly behind the door (it’s a tiny bathroom). Adding hooks to the door will free up the top towel bar for something else (see #7).

2. Simple frame for above the toilet. Art TBD. It’s such a cool frame though.

3. West Elm wall sconce. It turns out there aren’t a ton of bathroom wall sconces that are nice looking. I like that this one is ridiculously simple and also made of powder-coated steel. You can’t go wrong with simple white.

4. More plants. Unfortunately my bathroom is the only room in the apartment that has 0 windows. So, maybe fake plants. Or ferns! We’ll see.

5. Wall color is Benjamin Moore Almost Black. It’s a nice purpley/blue based dark grey/black that will hopefully compliment the beige tiles and make the walls recede a bit. I’m not worried about it making the room feel small. It’s already small and it’s already beige. If it’s horrible I can just try something different. That is why paint is magical (unlike beige tile, which is forever).

6. New faucet. You know. Just to update it.

7. Cabinet! This is the Ikea Raskog. It’s nice because it’s super shallow and so will fit behind the door without too much trouble. There’s no storage in the bathroom so this is going to be amazing. My only concern is the color – will it recede too much into the wall? Will it be too cold against all that black and metal? No clue. So we’ll see – if not, the beautiful ski lodge pine Ivar is another contender, but it’s way deeper.

I’ll post progress shots! I’m really excited about this.

New Desk

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I needed a new desk for various things – when friends came over to hang out and wanted to sit at a desk somewhere to use their laptop or tablet, for my sewing machine during sewing projects (which is right now sitting on the floor, very sad), when I wanted to do some drawing and didn’t want to do it on my lap or my floor. I have a beautiful desk from my grandma but it’s rather small and is taken up by a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, but I also wanted to respect the fact that my office now has furniture on every wall, and didn’t want something sticking out all the time.

New desk!

Seriously, Ikea to the rescue. I picked up a Norden table, which was slightly difficult to install due to my wavy walls and weirdly spaced studs, but once it was done, it looks beautiful! The best part is, when I’m not using it I can just fold it down and put the chair in front of it and it’ll be great. It’s a wonderful, low-profile table and it’s also solid birch. It’s the perfect solution right now.

I did have to drill an extra hole in the center of the table at the top of it, to anchor the center into a stud. Remember you can always drill extra holes in Ikea furniture, even if you don’t end up using the holes they provide you. That’s why you have your trusty drill handy!

As soon as I paint the walls white (or pale gray), I’m going to take the wall bracket off the table and paint that to match, so it will blend into the wall more.

I know there’s an outlet back there, but when the table is folded down, it’s about three to four inches away from the wall still, and doesn’t even touch the cords. I definitely love it.

New lamp

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I bought this new lamp at a surprising place – Ikea! 60 smackaroos for a gorgeously crafted, beautifully designed lamp. Lately Ikea has been a little disappointing in design and price, but I adore this style. I admit I even went out and bought the matching pendant for the room I’m renting out (my roommate arrives in town this Friday!).

It looks gorgeous with my CB2 couch and Kiki, of course.

New light!

The pendant is even cheaper. I had to add a medallion because the existing hole was too small. I’m so glad to get rid of that awful ceiling light in the spare room. I don’t actually have any pictures of it, but you’ll have to trust me that it was terrible – some sort of chrome tiny 3-bulb spindly thing. Ugh.

Staining a table!

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Over the weekend (and through Thursday!) my mom has been in town. We’ve been doing all sorts of things like painting my kitchen (pictures to come) and walking around a lot and doing a ton of stuff. I had read online about a technique to weather wood with vinegar and steel wool, and the surprising ingredient of tea. It will oxidize the wood and weather it without ruining it. I was eager to try it.

I had some old Heywood-Wakefield step tables that are now sans-step, due to the previous owner’s shenanigans. They had gone from the previous owner to a group of furniture finishers/resellers, and then from there, to me. When I bought them, they were already stripped and ready to be restained. I’m not a huge fan of the orange stain that comes default on that brand of furniture, so I was totally okay with this development.

Here’s the original, unfinished:

Wooden Table - Before

I took a salsa jar and added a thing of steel wool and a thing of copper wool, because I wanted the stain more gray/blue than brown, then filled it up with white vinegar. I left it overnight for about 24 or so hours. I brewed a giant bowl mug of black tea and then painted it on liberally. Then, once it dried, I painted on the vinegar mixture. It will just look like vinegar, like nothing happened, but things happened – you have to trust it.

The website says that you will see results immediately, and the oxidization will complete in 30 minutes. We found that the oxidization continued over a few hours, so be patient and slow about this or else you’ll end up with something darker than you were expecting. Luckily dark is what I wanted to go with, so it worked out well for me.

Wooden Table - Progress

As you can see, it ended up a beautiful gray. It’s really hard to photograph well, but it’s more of a brown-gray, rich and silvery sheeny. I’m really happy with the results.

After it was totally dry, I added a few coats of polyurethane to seal it, and that made the color even darker and richer. The final result is nothing short of gorgeous. This photo makes it look redder than what it is, but it shows off how rich and beautiful it is.

Wooden Table Final!

I love it so much. Remember also, the result you get depends on the type of wood you use – I believe my tables were birch, and it ended up the shimmery gray/brown, but your mileage will vary!