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I needed a new desk for various things – when friends came over to hang out and wanted to sit at a desk somewhere to use their laptop or tablet, for my sewing machine during sewing projects (which is right now sitting on the floor, very sad), when I wanted to do some drawing and didn’t want to do it on my lap or my floor. I have a beautiful desk from my grandma but it’s rather small and is taken up by a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, but I also wanted to respect the fact that my office now has furniture on every wall, and didn’t want something sticking out all the time.

New desk!

Seriously, Ikea to the rescue. I picked up a Norden┬átable, which was slightly difficult to install due to my wavy walls and weirdly spaced studs, but once it was done, it looks beautiful! The best part is, when I’m not using it I can just fold it down and put the chair in front of it and it’ll be great. It’s a wonderful, low-profile table and it’s also solid birch. It’s the perfect solution right now.

I did have to drill an extra hole in the center of the table at the top of it, to anchor the center into a stud. Remember you can always drill extra holes in Ikea furniture, even if you don’t end up using the holes they provide you. That’s why you have your trusty drill handy!

As soon as I paint the walls white (or pale gray), I’m going to take the wall bracket off the table and paint that to match, so it will blend into the wall more.

I know there’s an outlet back there, but when the table is folded down, it’s about three to four inches away from the wall still, and doesn’t even touch the cords. I definitely love it.

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