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Everything has been such a whirlwind lately. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of summer. This is officially the best summer ever, but also it’s been going by so quickly! I feel so much change happening right now. It’s amazing. The summer has been food, beaches, brunches, food, friends, drinks, food, pools, flowers, sitting on the roof deck, stargazing, people watching, music, so many outings, so many beach trips, so much food!

Some snapshots…

Peanut Butter cake with chocolate frosting

Farmer's market haul

Tortilla soup and rainbow chard


Goodbye, Boston!

Tonight is all about relaxing with a silly movie, just me and the cats. It’s a weekend that is full of promise, another whirlwind weekend of friends, hot evenings full of laughter, good food and good company. I’m so happy and tired from the summer, but so looking forward to the upcoming weeks.


I’m going to make a love list because that’s what everyone does, right?

Today I love… Conversations full of amazement .:. Snuggling with my kitties! .:. Making amazing plans with amazing people .:. Coconut oil for my hair-dye-fried hair! .:. Fresh flowers .:. New shorts and flowy shirts .:. Beach trips .:. Treating myself to new things, because I totally deserve it .:. My Thai basil plant, totally flourishing in this insane heat .:. Speaking of insane heat: air conditioning! .:. My tomato plant, finally sprouting one little tomato .:. Amazing people who help you grow

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  1. 1 Engel said at 3:24 am on July 28th, 2013:

    Can I borrow your life for a little bit? I’ll give it back soon, I swear

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